Music and art have a magnetism that allows them to bring together people from all walks of life. Each of us nurtures our own unique set of beliefs and cultural traditions, but we're united by our love for electronic music, discovering new genres, learning, growing, and evolving as a tribe. The #iamelemental ethos means that you are a part of the festival family. There are no Non-Playing Characters in the Elements world. You are just as important as every musician, DJ, performer, and artist because you are our inspiration for building Elements in the first place.

‍This is a deep-rooted part of the lore of the Elements world, made official by our inclusivity and diversity policy. The formula we follow is one that ensures our line-up is diverse, featuring people from all stages of their career and from a wide variety of genres, Further, we welcome and encourage people of all races, ages, abilities, genders, and orientations. All walks of life are embraced in our world, with the one provision being that you treat your fellow Elementals with the respect, kindness, and love that all living beings deserve.