Elements Festival 2021 calls the rolling landscape of the Sunshine Coast hinterland home. Grassy, fresh and brimming with the beauty of the Australian bushland, the festival is flourishing within the stunning Landcruiser Mountain Park. Just two and a half hours north of Brisbane, with easy 2wd access, this lush site features an expansive, comfortably flat camping area with plenty of toilets and showers (featuring your friend and ours: hot water). The 2021 edition of the festival is coming to you bigger and bolder than ever before, with an expanded map packed with more amenities and cushy bonus features.


Elements isn’t the only little world hidden in the folds of the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Tucked away within the region are gorgeous little townships and stunning tracts of nature, all waiting to be explored. We strongly urge you to take your time in the local area and stop in at the shops and tourist attractions. Swim, climb, hike, get your adventure on!

As part of the Elements tribe, we ask that you leave no trace and show the utmost respect to the land and the people you meet. We also encourage you to pick up your food and festival supplies locally before heading on into Elements. This is a brilliant and easy way of supporting the people who have welcomed you into their realm, and it helps to ensure we are able to share space happily with them for years to come.


As the creators of the world you’ll be stepping into, the most important thing to us is your safety. Help us in this important endeavour by ensuring you are well rested before heading out to Elements Festival 2021. If you’re driving, pay attention to all road signs, and don’t exceed the speed limit.

Please do not drive under the influence of alcohol or any illicit substances. Australia is a land of hardcore rules and regulations, so you need to assume there will be Random Breath Testing and Drug Swab Testing and plan your trip accordingly. It doesn’t matter if you feel safe to drive. It matters what’s in your system. So, instead of playing into the media’s anti-festival stereotypes, let’s fight the system by respecting the people we share the roads with and building a reputation they can’t criticise.

To help you make the right choices, Blow Me First will be offering a drink and drug testing service all throughout the event. If in doubt, please hit these guys up as driving under the influence can be horribly life-changing in more ways than one.

Alternatively, why not join some fellow Elementals and catch the Shuttle Bus?


For 2021, Elements has invested in upgrades for all our amenities. So, you will find our world loaded with everything you need to make your time with us safe and comfortable. We have free water stations all throughout the festival and campgrounds, hot showers, and a selection of both flushing and composting toilets.

You’ll also find security guards who care about keeping you safe and happy (not policing your every move), and medics who are well-stocked and prepared to help you with any health issue you have, big or small. We have campsite warden stations, an info tent, lost and found service, all sorts of chillout areas, and so much more for you to discover and take advantage of. 



Take it easy, this is Straya! It’s kind of an Aussie thing to take pride in how extreme our home is. But sometimes you have to be real about it. Plan for any possible weather conditions with clothing and camping supplies that’ll keep your rig sorted for the duration of the event. 

Mixing hot days with running around, dancing, boozing, and perhaps not eating and sleeping as well as you should is a recipe for disaster. This kind of behaviour is easy to slip into, but it increases your chances of getting dehydration, heat stroke, or injuring yourself through some poorly thought out prank.

Drink water. Take rests. Get some sleep. Be mindful of how you’re feeling. And be aware of others. If you don’t feel comfortable approaching someone who looks like they could use water or some other form of assistance, please don’t hesitate in alerting a medic, security guard, or anyone else you see with an Elements lanyard. Small acts of kindness like this can make a world of difference.


ESSENTIALS (Things to Bring)
It’s not hard to spot the people who’ve gone to a festival unprepared – they’re the ones bugging their neighbours for spare tent pegs or shivering like a startled burrito in one of the foil wrappers they’ll give you in the med tent if you don’t have warm enough clothes. If you’d rather not be a foil-wrapped fool who’s constantly hassling the neighbours, read on for a detailed guide on what you need to bring.

  • Esky (ice is available for purchase on site)
  • Reusable water bottle (fill up from the free water stations throughout the site)
  • Plenty of drinking water to keep at camp (in a reusable bulk water container)
  • Sun protection – hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, umbrella
  • Clothes for all conditions – hot, cold, and wet
  • Shoes for all conditions
  • Rubbish bags for your camp and butt bins if you’re a smoker
  • Camping gear – tent (make sure you have all the pegs and poles), tarps, and ropes
  • Bedding – mattress, pillow, sleeping bag
  • Torch / headlamp
  • Earplugs for when you need some sleep
  • Towel
  •  Insect repellent

Keep in mind, we are a leave no trace festival. So, whatever you bring has to go home with you too.


The following items are non-compatible with the algorithms of the Elements world:

  • Pets
  • Glass
  • Fires
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Fireworks
  • Generators
  • Powered speakers
  • Motorbikes, quad bikes, powered bicycles, skateboards, scooters (basically, unless it’s the vehicle that got you to site, leave it at home)
  • Drugs (or excessive amounts of alcohol)
  • Anti-social behaviour


If you like saving time and money, we recommend pre-purchasing your ticket. Gate prices are always higher, and it takes a bit longer to buy a ticket. To save yourself even more time, have your purchased ticket ready so we can scan it, give you a wristie and send you on your way. Everyone who enters the site will be issued with an Elements 2021 wrist band. It is a condition of entry that your wristie remain on at all times during the festival.


Entering the site without a wristie is trespassing. More to the point, it’s stealing from people who have invested their time, money, energy and sanity into bringing you an immersive experience in creative awesomeness. Paying for entry is your way of respecting the dedication of the crew and the talent of the artists involved in the festival. If you’re not rocking your official Elements 2021 wristie, we’ll give you two options: buy a full price ticket (in which case you get to tell your mates you got a wristie from a security guard) or have your personal details recorded and an unceremonious ejection from the event (not such a great story).


The gates to your Elements adventure swing open at 10am Thursday the 16th of December for 4 Day Ticket holders and 8 am on Friday the 17th of December for 3 Day ticket holders. Anyone arriving before this time will be asked to wait outside, so plan your trip accordingly. Our mini-world winds down on Sunday night, with the final notes of music settling into the earth at 8 pm.

The markets will be open, allowing you to stock up on rations and replenish your body before having a good night’s sleep. In the interests of your safety, we encourage you to stay with us Sunday night and drive home when you’re nicely rested on Monday morning. You have until 2pm Monday afternoon to get on the road.



When you enter general camping, you will find a certain amount of infrastructure and guidance. However, we’re not a police state – we’d rather trust that you’re a logical, intelligent being capable of setting up a dope camping area and being considerate of others.

While we do leave it entirely up to you to construct a festival home that reflects your unique style, we have created a handy Essential Reading guide to help you ensure you’ve got all your camping essentials covered.

One thing you must factor into your planning is that your basic Elements Festival ticket includes access to the General Campgrounds from either Thursday or Friday to Monday for you the ticketholder. Unless you’ve upgraded your access with a Vehicle Pass, you cannot take a vehicle on site.



Is camping free?

I don’t own camping gear, can I rent a tent?

Is there a restriction on tent sizes?

Can we have pets on site?

Can we have fires in the campsites?

Can I camp in the Car Park?

Can I drive offsite during the festival?

Do you have family and or quiet campgrounds?

Do I need to book for the Family or Quiet Campsites?

Can campervans and tents camp together?

Are there any powered sites for RVs?


Though we will never give up hope, 2021 has been a tough year, even for the most optimistic among us. Sometimes, it feels like the outside world has been cancelled and we’re all doomed to live our lives online. This is a big part of why the Elements team is doing everything within our power to keep the festival going. Gatherings like Elements Festival are a reminder that we will find our way out of the pandemic. They also give us much-needed connection with our community and a chance to release all the pent-up frustration, fear, and anxiety brought on by endless lockdowns and health threats. 

To be able to deliver the festival you all deserve, we have had to make the difficult decision to postpone our event until December. Elements Festival 2021 will now be running from the 16th to the 19th of December, giving us valuable time for the lockdowns in New South Wales, Victoria, and New Zealand to do their job. 

All tickets for the October event will be automatically transferred to the new dates, so if you already have your tickets sorted, you don’t need to do a thing. We understand that the new dates won’t be suitable for everyone. If there was any way around this postponement, we would be all over it, but since there’s not, we’re committed to making it as easy as possible for you. We’ll be covering all the name change fees for those who wish to sell their tickets, and we’ll also be taking steps to ensure all second-hand tickets are picked up before any new ones are sold.



Will Elements Festival  be cancelled if state borders are closed in December?
What happens if  I can't attend Elements Festival 2021 due to border closures?
Will we be able to dance if social distancing rules are in place?
What is Elements Festival doing to protect my health during the pandemic?
Will the festival capacity be reduced due to the Pandemic?




Elements Festival 2021 will now be taking place from the 16th to the 19th of December 2021.  The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to activate our backup dates, which means we’ve also activated some special measures to ensure your specific circumstances are catered for as best as we possibly can. Here’s everything you need to know about Elements Festival 2021 tickets: 


✅  Any tickets purchased for the October 2021 dates are valid for the new dates in December 2021, no action needed on your part. 

✅  If you cannot make the December dates, we encourage you to credit your ticket for the next major Elements event. Please email this 2022 credit request to: info [at] elementsfestival.com.au between the 1st of September and the 1st of October 2021. If no action is taken between these dates, your ticket will automatically roll over to the December 2021 dates. 

✅ If you cannot make the December dates and do not wish to accept a credit for 2022, we ask that you list your ticket with Tixel (our authorised Ticket ReSeller) BEFORE requesting a refund. This is the best way to get your funds back quickly as Elements will pause our main Ticketbooth sales and redirect all customers to Tixel until all tickets listed on Tixel are sold. This creates a win-win-win situation for you, the lucky person who gets your ticket, and Elements Festival. 

✅  If you do not wish to sell your ticket through our authorised reseller, Tixel, you may request a refund. Refund requests must be made in writing via email: info [at] elementsfestival.com.au between the 14th of September - 30th September. If no action is taken between these dates, your ticket will automatically roll over to the December 2021 dates. 

✅ Provided we have received your refund request between 14th of September - 30th September, Ticketbooth will process refunds from 1st of October.


❌  Ticket scammers are a real threat. Do NOT buy from anyone other than our official reseller, Tixel.

✅  To reduce ticket scalping & scamming, we have teamed up with Tixel as our exclusive resale partner. Tixel validates the authenticity of festival e-tickets, the buyer, and the seller and provides secure methods for payment. All tickets can only be transferred for the price they were purchased for (or less) plus booking fees.

✅  We have waived the name change fee.⁠


✅  Please visit Tixel to purchase a second-hand ticket.

✅  If there are no tickets available with Tixel, that is great news for everybody! Please head to Ticketbooth to purchase a new ticket.

✅  Payment plans with Ticketbooth have been extended until early December.

✅  Birthday tickets for 14-17 October are still available, and we’re also offering birthday tickets for the new dates (16-19 December). Please email  info [at] elementsfestival.com.au to purchase your discounted Birthday Ticket.


✅  Please list your ticket with Tixel

✅  Tixel will handle the name change.


Do you still have a question regarding tickets? Your best bet for a quick answer is to read through our most commonly asked ticketing questions. Nine times out of ten this will resolve the issue, but if the answers you seek are not listed below, please contact Ticketbooth Support directly.



When do tickets go on sale?

Will tickets be available at the gate?

What is included in my festival ticket purchase?

Do you sell single day tickets?

Do I have to pay a Booking Fee?

Do I need to purchase a Vehicle Pass?
Do you provide Payment Plan options?

How can I purchase a ticket?

When will I receive my tickets?

I paid for my ticket but can’t find my confirmation. What should I do?

Help, I’ve lost my Hard Copy Ticket?

Can you please resend my ticket?

Does my name have to be on the ticket? Will I need photo ID to enter the festival?

Can I change the name on my ticket or on-sell the ticket?

I’m celebrating my Birthday at Elements Festival 2021. Can I have a free ticket?

Do children need a ticket?

Do I need to buy a ticket if I’m a volunteer?

I can no longer make it – can I get a refund on my ticket?