Jasmin Jefferys

Jasmin Jefferys is a 24 year old visionary artist born and raised in the hinterlands of Byron Bay. Her work explores the depth of human experience and the ethereal realms of imagination, death and rebirth, dreams and other dimensional realities in correlation to our relationship with our own being. Focused on the feminine form in her many facets and archetypes, Jasmin reveres art as a deeply authentic reflection of her inner world and essence. Having studied with some of the leading visionary artists of her time (Autumn Skye, Luis Tamani, Daniel Mirante and Adam Scott Miller) Jasmin has cultivated a unique and beautifully refined style to elevate her message, to which she has exhibited and live painted at many festivals throughout Australia. Through her art, Jasmin offers a portal of devotion into the feminine way, reflecting our collective evolution through art and creating a direct channel to assist us in remembering the truth of who we really are.