Core Integrity

Core Integrity | Tri-Dimensional Awakening

James & Risa

What does it mean to be alive at this bizarre time of the unfolding human story? It is abundantly clear to many of us that our planet is moving through a tumultuous time of transformation. Humanity is at a crossroads, facing an unpleasant reflection of collective instability, along with the consequences of having lived our lives from a place of dishonesty, egoic selfishness, and avoidance of meeting ourselves in a Truthful embrace.

While many may scramble in an attempt to rearrange and manipulate the old systems built upon a foundation of separation, a great deal of us recognise that – if we are to be truly capable of transmuting/transforming our existence – we must first and foremost make a sincere commitment to our own inward evolution. Despite this seemingly daunting task, we are also graced with a unique opportunity, as the planet calls for our return to the simplicity of our most essential humanity and evolutionary capacity.


James Marshall with his partner Risa Naomi offer an exploration into the nature of the Human Being, and the different aspects of Source that we meet through the 3 dimensions: the Head, Heart and Belly. In our meeting with the different aspects of Source via these dimensions, we allow our human consciousness to become flexible, grounded, discerning, and capable of holding Reality with Integrity. The deeper we cultivate and purify these dimensions of the body, the greater capacity we have to transmute and transform our living human lives, and all we touch through them.

Through the dimensions, we meet Source as:

Head: Silence, revelation of ‘no-self’, non-attachment, void, emptiness, and Death.
Heart: Love/God/Father, revelation of ‘pure-self’, commitment to Love, ‘light’, and the evolutionary capacity + emotional human bonding

Belly: Matter/Earth/Mother, revelation of Unqiueness and True Individuality, ‘black light’, womb-consciousness, purification with power and the expansion into creational force/sexual energy.

In this lecture, we will explore:

How to cultivate these different aspects without getting trapped within one (eg. using ‘no-self’ as an excuse to avoid our humanity, or falling into the depths of the Feminine & into abusing power)
What the different dimensions require from us in terms of practice, dedication and honesty
What the true meaning of Tantra is, as it pertains to the Masculine (consciousness) meeting the Feminine (matter)
Q and A time to connect more intimately with audience through investigation



This workshop is an offering to those who desire to take a deeper step into their own inquiry with honesty and vulnerability.

With Love & Tender Care,
James & Risa <3

James and Risa are facilitators of Self-Realisation and Individuation. Their work is dedicated to supporting the radical integration of the Masculine & Feminine principles throughout the spectrum of human experience, manifesting as the arrival of the integrated individual. After arriving together in a relational union that ignited an extreme process of expanding consciousness (including bodily burnings in the meeting with the Masculine Flame), James and Risa have been together for 2.5 years on the journey of descending into Matter: the True Tantra, as Consciousness (masculine) descending into the Body/Matter (Feminine), emerging as Truth-in-form.

James and Risa currently work intimately with people in one-on-one and group sessions, exploring the different dimensions of Being (explored in this workshop), the many hiccoughs and challenges faced on the journey of embodying Love/Soul, and how to manage this with the most gentle yet devotional care.

James and Risa’s approach to realisation is comprehensive and all-inclusive, considering the challenging and on-ground issues of money, sexual/creative energy, purpose work, familial and cultural conditioning, trauma, belief work and so on.