Winter Artist Spotlight | State of Mind

🔊 Artist Spotlight | State of Mind 🔊

In lead up to Elements Launch Festival *Winter Solstice Edition*, headlining Drum and Bass producers, State of Mind chats with Scenestr Magazine. Here's a couple interesting excerpts from their talk.  
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Whether you realise it or not, as an audience member, you're part of the creation process. Your energy and your reactions inform the music, so every move you make matters. "We rearrange tunes to suit dance floors, and if we can get that right then we know we can consider them for an album."

The Duo describes the beauty of their first gig out of lockdown - "The energy coming off the crowd was like nothing else because they were just so grateful to be able to do it again. We all realised how important it is to our lives when it wasn't around anymore."

State of Mind @ Elements, Winter 18th June! 
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