Selling | Transfer Tickets

If you want to sell your ticket, and you already have someone lined up to take it off your hands, you’ll need to contact Ticketbooth Support to arrange for a name change. The service is available until 12pm Wednesday the 15th of December.

If you wish to sell your ticket and are hoping to find a buyer online, please list it with our Authorised ReSeller Tixel. Our authorised ticket resellers are professionals, so they will make life easy for you by handling the whole thing from start to finish, name change included. 

If you wish to purchase a transferred ticket, your first stop should be with our official partners and authorised ReSeller, Tixel. Here, you will find tickets on offer from your fellow #elementals who are no longer able to attend this year’s event.



We hate to hit you with the screaming intensity of all-caps, but DO NOT PURCHASE TICKETS FROM INDIVIDUALS ON FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, GUMTREE, VIAGOGO, OR ANY OTHER SIMILAR SITES. If someone’s offering a good price, it’s because the ticket is a figment of their scammy little imagination. Please don’t put our lovely staff through the awful experience of having to send you home because you’ve rocked up at the gate with a fake ticket. Save yourself from this embarrassing nightmare and starve the ticket scamming parasites by going through the authorised selling platforms we’ve set up to protect our Elements tribe.