Though we build our world to be bursting at the seams with fun, your safety is our most important consideration. For this reason, we are always looking for ways to upgrade what we offer. In 2020, we rolled out a new and improved medic station, a conscious nest, and campsite wardens. You can expect a boost to the Harm Reduction infrastructure and initiatives at Elements Festival 2021. Whatever’s going on, and wherever you are on site, there’s always someone from the Elements crew you can turn to for assistance.


Along with having a hilariously appropriate name, the Blow Me First team are critical contributors to our Harm Reduction strategy. They will be at your service throughout Elements Festival 2021, allowing you to test whether you’re going to be safe to drive. BMF’s service is 100% confidential, and they’re veterans of the festival scene, meaning they can rapidly and accurately process 1000s of drug and alcohol tests 
and since these cats are experts in their industry, you're free to ask them any relevant questions you may have.


While we encourage our Elemental family to take responsibility for yourselves, be thoughtful in your actions, and always keep an eye out for your friends and fellow humans, we understand that life doesn’t always go to plan. For your safety and wellbeing, we have enlisted an expert team of medics who are experienced in supporting festivals. Should you have any injuries or health concerns of any form, please don’t be shy about visiting our friendly team. There’s nothing they haven’t seen before and they’re always happy to help.


Because your safety and wellbeing are of paramount concern to us, we have pulled together a brilliant security team. This expert crew perfectly blends their chill and friendly vibes with the ability to quickly de-escalate any situations that may arise. They will be your watchful protectors over the course of the event so please help them have a good time too by acting responsibly and thoughtfully. Anyone caught engaging in violent, discriminatory or antisocial behaviour will have security to contend with and, if their actions warrant it, may be ejected and handed over to police. Please also keep in mind, security will be searching vehicles for glass, so save yourself the hassle and DO NOT bring any with you onto site as it will have to be confiscated.


The Elements world is all about blending modern technology with the beauty of nature in a sustainable way. And since we want our Elementals to be supremely comfortable, we offer hot showers, flushing toilets + composting toilets. All that we ask in return, is that you treat these facilities with care and respect.


Though we do encourage you to bring your own water and have a good supply back at camp, we do have refill water stations spread throughout the festival and campgrounds. Staying hydrated is essential, so be sure to take advantage of these and encourage your friends and fellow Elementals to do the same.


We are well aware of how essential it is to have your esky stocked with ice. For this reason, we take extra care to ensure our supplier is ahead of the game, with bags available for sale all throughout the festival.


Elements Festival is all about making life easier for you. In this spirit, we will be providing ATMs at the festival. Some markets may also be equipped with EFTPOS facilities. While this is awesome, please keep in mind, we are going to be out in the bush. So, there is always the possibility of signal drop outs. We recommend coming prepared with cash and using the ATMs as a backup.


The Elements Festival 2021 marketplace will be overflowing with healthy food options and we’ve made it our mission to have something for everyone, no matter how specific your dietary requirements are. Elements Festival 2021 will operate as a BYO event. 


Delve into this bustling little metropolis anytime you need to replenish your health or stock up on goodies for your adventures. You’ll find a mesmerising array of clothing, jewellery, playthings and goods from all around the world. We seek out only the best handmade and sustainably sourced creations for your sensorial delight.


As part of the Elements tribe, you know how important it is to protect the environment that nourishes and sustains us. We try to make this as easy as possible for you by providing plenty of rubbish bins, clearly categorised into landfill, compost, and recycling. We also have a massive recycling station set up on the festival grounds.


Feeling lost or uncertain of something? Head to our info tent. There, you will find super helpful Elements team members ready to answer your questions and set you on the right path. This is also where you’ll find our lost and found station, so if you lose or find something, you know where to go!