We cannot stress enough how important it is to drive safely and responsibly to and from Elements Festival 2021. Make sure you are well rested, pay attention to all road signs and don’t exceed the speed limit.

Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or any illicit substances. Expect RBTs and Drug Swab Testing at the entry and exit of every festival you go to, including Elements, and act accordingly. Even if you feel like you’re safe to drive, you just don’t need that kind of stress in your life. More importantly, we all need to be mindful of road safety for our fellow festival-goers and the local community who have welcomed us in.


The gates to your Elements adventure swing open at 10 am on Thursday the 16th of December for the 4 Day Ticket Holders and 8 am Friday the 17th December for the 3 Day Ticket Holders. Anyone arriving before these times will be asked to wait outside, so plan your trip accordingly.

Our mini-world winds down late on Sunday night. However, the markets will remain open long enough for you to stock up on rations and replenish your body before having a good night’s sleep. In the interests of your safety, we encourage you to stay with us Sunday night and drive home when you’re nicely rested on Monday morning. You have until 2pm Monday afternoon to get on the road.


Elements Festival 2021 will be blossoming to life within the fertile, rolling landscape of the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Grassy, fresh and brimming with the beauty of the Australian bushland, we are thankful to have found our home within the stunning Landcruiser Mountain Park.  Just two and a half hours north of Brisbane, with easy 2wd access, this lush site features an expansive, comfortably flat camping area with plenty of toilets and showers (featuring your friend and ours: hot water).


To gain access to the Elements Festival 2021 site, your vehicle will need to have a vehicle pass clearly displayed. The small $30 fee covers our traffic management costs while this policy helps promote car-pooling and reduces the overall number of vehicles on-site. This has a positive impact on the environment, the local community and, last but certainly not least: you. With less vehicles getting around, you get to enjoy a safer and less crowded camping area. While vehicle passes may be purchased on entry at the front gate, we encourage you to be considerate of your fellow Elementals and grab one online. This is nice and easy for you while also cutting down processing time at the gate. Motorbikes get a free pass in and, if you want to drive to site but won’t need your car during the festival, you’re more than welcome to leave it in our secure car park (just outside the gates).




We are all about making your Elements journey as hassle-free as possible so you can dedicate maximum bandwidth to activating party mode. So, if driving out to site isn’t an option for you, we have our very own shuttle bus which will be delivering Elementals out to site on Friday and Saturday mornings. You can choose to return Saturday, Sunday or Monday, whatever works for you. To unlock this plush chauffeur service, you’re looking at $80 per person for a return ticket.


Every year, the designers of the Elements world weave more and more sustainability measures into the fabric of our universe. The shuttle bus has been with us from the start, cutting back our carbon footprint while offering a super convenient transport option for our tribe. If you’re environmentally conscious, able to travel light, and keen to join busloads of excited Elementals, then the shuttle bus is calling your name. By reducing emissions and having fewer vehicles disturbing the environment, your karma meter will be peaking when you get to site, meaning you’re sure to have an epic time.


If you’re planning on taking the shuttle bus out to site, the precise drop-off and pick-up spots will be provided along with your ticket purchase. For now, we can tell you that the Shuttle Bus departs / returns to 2 x locations; Brisbane CBD and Brisbane Domestic Airport. Drop-off point is conveniently located right at the festival entry.


Shuttle Bus departs / returns to 2 x Brisbane locations. Click below to view the Shuttle Bus Schedule.




The Elements team loves seeing those of you who need a ride out to the festival getting matched up with generous souls who have spare seats. This is great for the environment, saves everyone money, and allows our tribe to make new friends. Since it does so much good, we’ve created a dedicated Elements Festival 2021 Ride Share page to help you out.


While Elements Festival is a world unto itself, we are very aware of the greater one within which we exist. We’re passionate about environmental preservation because, without our glorious natural setting, Elements would have no place to call home. One of a number of environmental initiatives we have in place is our commitment to carpooling. Our vehicle fee is a part of this drive.

Every vehicle that enters our camp ground will be subject to a $30 fee which covers traffic management costs but, more importantly, reduces the number of vehicles on site. Not only does this leave more sweet camping spots for you lot to enjoy, it also has less of an impact on the local environment. While it is a definite win for nature, carpooling will also save you cash on fuel and the vehicle pass, meaning it’s wins all round if you play it right.

Since this is pretty important, let’s get super clear on how awesome carpooling is. You get to:

  • Help the environment by having fewer cars on the road and in the campgrounds;
  • Boost your festival funds by sharing fuel and vehicle pass costs;
  • Get amped up on the mad vibes of having a car full of happy campers;
  • Enjoy a safer ride home as you can share driving duties, look out for each other, and make sure the driver is rested and alert enough to be behind the wheel.