Can I Connect with you | Consent in our Community

Can I Connect with you | Consent in our Community


Let us all connect better with clear communication of our boundaries and what we want. 

- What is consent? 

- How can we check for consent? 

- What can we do at festivals to create a better consent culture? 

- How to comfortably express no? 

- How to comfortably receive no? 

- How can we ask for what we want without the expectation that it will be provided? 

- How can we counter offer what someone is asking for? 

We will predominantly focus on intimacy consent. However, there is potential to discuss substance consent and other areas of our lives as well. 

How do we promote and embody personal sovereignty in our community? 

Melisa has facilitated this workshop at number of small music and lifestyle gatherings such as previous Elements Festivals, Bohemian Beatfreaks Festival, Rabbits Eat Lettuce Festival and Happy Daze Festival.   

Melisa also co-ordinates the workshop spaces for Elements Festival, Elements Winter Solstice, Bohemian Beatfreaks Festival and Rabbits Eat Lettuce Festival as well as a variety of other rolls in various other small music and lifestyle gatherings in Queensland.