Connecting With our Mother

Peta Hood | Connecting With Our Mother

Connecting With Our Mother

This workshop will encourage little people to deepen their connection with Mother Earth. Through medicine song, Earth Altar creation and dreamcatcher weaving, Peta will take the children on a journey to honour the elements, our Mother and our Grandmothers. Suitable for children 7+. Parental involvement encouraged. 

Peta is an Earth Angel, Mother of 2, and home educator, deeply passionate about helping raise the next generation of Earthkeepers. Peta comes from a background as a university-qualified health professional. After rediscovering her roots and rekindling her relationship with Mother Earth, she has devoted herself to growing her own food, journeying with plants, and living a life of deep connection.  Peta facilitates Bush School programs at permaculture retreats, and enjoys bringing the magic of medicine song to wherever she travels. She believes in the beauty and the power of incorporating ritual and ceremony into every day, and is looking forward to inspiring more little people to deepen their connection with Mother Earth.