Deepen your dance movement and meditation

Deepen your dance movement and meditation

bonnie heather

There is more to dance then people realise, meaningful movement can help heal and reconnect you to your higher self, as well as align with your highest vibration. This workshop will leave you feeling energized, cleansed, grounded, open , connected and raditation love from your heart space. Deepen your dance movement and meditation workshop will include:

- blue lotus tea ceremony, acknowledgement to country

- chakra activation movement

- embodiment of animal medicine

- expressions of emotions through free flowing movement

- rediscover your inner child through dance

- connection with others in group setting through an eye gazing with movement activity

- lay in meditation and recieve a group metamorphosis healing, activiating and cleansing chakras and putting the body on a new frequency 

- light language activation

Bonnie is a 31 year old energy healer and dance facilitator from sydney, who enjoys sharing her skills with the community. She holds her deepen your dance movement and meditation workshop at a variety of indoor and outdoor venues , events and festivals around Australia. Her workshops allow people to express through movement, heal, release and activate. Bonnie has been practicing energy healing and channelling light language, which increases healing energy and activations during her workshops. "My path and purpose is to inspire others by creating a space for evolution, healing and empowerment, through movement and meditation".