FLOWahEAD! Beginner Hula Hoop Flow Fun!

FLOWahEAD! Beginner Hula Hoop Flow Fun!

Flowbia Philie

"FLOWahead Dance Ritual - Embody Intention and your Personal Growth" (1 1/2 -2h)

How do rituals effect and enrich our life? Why not adding some depth and intention in your dance/ performances? What can ritual/ sacred dance mean? How could this help with my personal development? 

In this workshop I want to go over this questions and

 give some inspiration for ways to create your own meaningful rituals and choreographies. Your dance part can be based on a flowarts prop or let your body be the representer! And if you want to use one of my Hula Hoops… I will have some for sale!

"FLOWahEAD! Beginner Hula Hoop Flow Fun!"

You´re a bloody beginner or already rocking a few Hoop moves? Enjoy learning a new skill in an accepting environment of free flow and laughter! Experience your body without judgement, because the most important thing is that we enjoy our journeys! We all once started at 0 before we master anything!


Hooping was a great catalyst for finding my flow in life. It seems to look like we´re „just“ playing a toy, but the experience to loose yourself in the game can have a strong impact of your everyday life! I would like to pass on this medicine and teachings I got from it! So come over to start (or continue) your own journey with this sacred circle! 

*The workshop doesn't requires any experience* 

*Please bring all your Hoops* 

If you don´t have one yet, I will have some for sale and a few practice hoops (come early to grab one)!


Since I got my qualification for university entrance in Social-/ Healthcare, I always wanted to support humanity for a higher good (but also animals). I learned about internal processes of the mind and societies but also understood that the inner work on myself only makes me able to be supportive for others, to be in service for my surroundings, beloved ones and our planet. In different social projects and institutions from early childhood education, schools to wilderness education I gained lots of experience with children/teens. While studying the Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Education, I really started questioning my values in life and began to deeper work on myself. In exploring all kinds of arts I learned to express and allow creativity on another level. That´s how Cultural Education works - exploring an art medium (paint/theatre/music/dance…) - reflecting about what´s coming up through the process and the presentation of the outcome. Bringing that professionally in context to our everyday life has a big impact for personal development. Art is an endless source for growth and healing - makes visible what eyes sometimes can´t see - turns us inside out - gave me self-confidence to listen to my heart instead of societies pressure and believes that never were mine.

After graduating 6 years ago, I got a job in a foster house for boys with „extrem behavioural problems“. The work with the boys was awesome, but not working within this system, not in Germany! So I set off on journeys around the world and my mind got totally twisted and stretched when I started flowarts, dancing, introduced yoga and mindfulness practice into my daily habits!

This discoveries were so monumental to my growth, centred my being (mentally AND physically), allowed me a state of personal flow that would in turn help me to embrace passions and to follow what I (really) want in life. That Flow State (that sweet spot when activities are not too challenging or boring) is something that just took over my entire life on it´s best ways. This is something so valuable to share! I want to take others on a journey to find their personal life flow and happiness!

I´m still creating jewellery and dreadlocks under the same name „FLOWaHEAD“ as it is still me, but now I go deeper in my work. So I came back to my profession, teach flowarts, facilitate workshops that have the intention focused on personal growth and expression (in movement). Since 4 years I am expressing with dance and movement finally, do (street) performances and other shows with fire and LED. I burned for this since a teenager but I was too afraid to show this side of me. But why shouldn't we show our passions and inspire others to do the same?!  

TO DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND ENJOY LIFE! This is how we truly can change the world…