Gumnut Naturalist Wildlife

Gumnut Naturalist Wildlife | Elements Bird Tour

Thomas Burley, Chad Beranek

We will be taking participants on a tour to experience the wild Elements and the biodiversity that Queensland has to offer. This region hosts many unique and beautiful feathered friends. We want to foster nature connection with participants through education of the unique wildlife that call this area home. We also want to document what species we see and where to inform environmental restorations efforts of the Elements crew.

Thomas Burley’s dedication to ornithology goes back to his youth which was spent studying field guides and birding in his neighborhood. While completing his Bachelor in Conservation Biology his interest began to peak as he honed his identification skills and volunteered on various projects. He currently works as a field ecologist completing surveys for birds and other wildlife interstate across Australia, from highland Victoria to outback Queensland. Tom has worked professionally as an ecologist for private companies, universities and government. Some highlights of his career involve tour guiding in the Kimberley searching for charismatic endangered species such as the Gouldian Finch and working on surveys in  Gladstone in Queensland and Gabo Islands in Victoria, surveying for birds as part of large scale projects assessing the impact of industry on endangered species and informing decisions on Island restoration.
Chad has been involved with fauna research and conservation for 10 years, where he has taken part in various projects, from optmising large-scale wetland construction for threatened frogs to developing new survey methods for koalas. Chad has worked on several projects with birds, including survey rare wetland birds, developing management plans for threatened birds in Sydney (the little lorikeet and the masked owl) and undertaking monitoring for the powerful owl throughout Sydney.
Tom and Chad both strive to not merely educate people in wildlife conservation but they aim to foster and catalyse people's connections with native Australian fauna.