The Hive

Tea Ceremony with The Hive

The Hive

Together, we will be journeying the ancient road of Cha Dao (The Way of Tea)

Drawing upon the tribal traditions of Bowl Tea Ceremony & the Chaozhou teachings of Gong Fu Cha, this space will ensure a safe, silent container for the spirit of tea to come alive throughout.

The Hive is a tea space, offering ceremony and the teas of small families & hilltribes throughout Asia.

Founded by Charlie Cheesman as a homage to his journey into cultural reclamation, he seeks to acknowledge, honour and represent the ethnic groups he learns & receives from through The Hive.

Charlie is a student of Cha Dao, the Daoist path of tea as a plant spirit medicine. He practices and facilitates the tribal way of Bowl Tea ceremony & the Chaozhou traditions of Gong Fu Cha.