The Sensual Intimacy Experience

The Sensual Intimacy Experience

Melody Lubin

A 2-hour transformational workshop for those who desire full sexual expression, deep connection, fulfilment and intimacy in relationships.

Sacred Sexuality Mentor, Melody will facilitate your journey through the senses, offering you an invitation to engage in deep sexual healing and alchemical intimacy practices, reconnecting you to yourself and/or your partner.

Grounded and captivating, Melody levels with her audience and offers a juicy invitation to spice things up...

Participants will learn the power in embodying their true essence, how to shamelessly express their desires and presently receive/give pleasure from/to their partner. Exploring edges of comfort while anchoring in playful pleasure, participants will leave this space feeling truly empowered to reach new heights of ecstasy in their relationships.

Whether you are in a deeply committed relationship or you’re flirting with a festival lover, open your heart to discovering something new about yourself and your partner.

Let’s get sexy.

Melody is devoted to The Feminine. She is an expert in her field and is passionate about bringing both men and women deeper into connection with their physical bodies and reconnected with their sexual energy. She is passionate about sexual expression and people being comfortable to explore their sexual essence. Her work is deep. It involves healing the womb space and reclaiming all parts of the feminine. 

Dropping people into a deep reverence for their lover, teaching both men and women how to better understand each other and bridging the gaps of communication are some of the many reasons why Melody is so enthusiastic for this work. The byproduct? A saucy, juicy and sensual relationship.